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Victorian Vinyl

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At Home Flooring Store, we stock and supply an excellent range of Victorian Vinyl Flooring. The Victorians gave us so much when it comes to interior design, especially when it comes to fantastic looking Victorian Tiled Flooring. Victorian tiling can often be found in hallways, entrances and kitchen spaces and looks absolutely stunning.

Finding Victorian mosaic flooring in a property is rare, and recreating the look with tiles is expensive - meaning that victorian style vinyl flooring is the most cost effective, and simplest way of recreating the look of opulence in your home. Vinyl allows you to enjoy the fantastic appearance of victorian tiles, without having to invest in the costly procurement and fitting of fitting hundreds and hundreds of tiles.

Victorian Tile Vinyl can be used across all rooms in the home, it’s durable and waterproof - so is perfectly suited to bathrooms and kitchen spaces where drips can occur. A range of different colours are also available, with modern and more traditional designs all being available within the range, allowing you to choose the perfect design for you and your home.

You can view the complete range of victorian vinyl flooring above, and please do get in touch if you have any questions at all about the collection.

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