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Lancaster Light
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The Orta range is a stunning collection made up of high quality, practical and affordable vinyl, ultra-realistic and highly detailed this collection is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens providing a modern and contemporary look.
Whether you're looking for wood planks, tiles or a parquet style this versatile range is sure to hold what you are looking for. 

From classic browns to chic greys there is plenty to choose from, the life-like designs and textured finish is perfect for getting the appearance you want.

Comfortable underfoot with a 2.3mm thickness it also has a slip resistance rating of R10, equipped with a 0.15mm wear layer you can be rest assured your flooring is protected to withstand day to day wear and tear. Vinyl is designed to be loose laid however we do recommend you adhere it to the subfloor, take a look at our range of accessories to find what you need to get the best out of your new flooring.
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2.3mm Thickness

This vinyls thickness is perfect for giving you a solid underfoot feel whilst cushioning every step and providing support as you walk.


With superb scratch and scuff resistance this flooring is incredible at standing up to everyday life even in the busiest of homes. The extremely hardwearing and durable features allow this flooring to look newer for longer without the worry of it getting damaged easily, perfect inside any home.

Slip Resistant

If this vinyl flooring is kept clean and dry it offers excellent slip resistance however you need to make sure all spillages are cleaned as soon as possible. All of our vinyl flooring comes equipped with an R slip resistance rating. This particular vinyl flooring comes with an R10 which is a standard grade for domestic areas such as kitchens, dining rooms, bathrooms and hallways

Wear Layer

When it comes to wear layers the thicker it is the more protection it has to offer. Protecting your flooring from everyday wear and tear the wear layer on this vinyl is perfect for supporting bustling homes and family life supporting low to medium traffic.

Measuring and Fitting guides
It's easy to get confused when trying to measure your floor - thats why we have tried to make it as easy as possible for you to follow our step by step guides. And if you are still struggling to work it out, we are always happy to help on our support line, either send an email or to see our support line number and opening times - click here!

Struggling to find a fitter? Unfortunately we can not source fitters for your floor, however we do have some handy links that can make it easier for you Click Here.
Full Specification
Slip ResistanceR10
Wear Warranty3 years
Wear Layer0.15 mm
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