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Measuring & Fitting Guide

Download the Measuring Flooring Guide.

When thinking about carpeting your home, measuring for the correct sizes may seem a daunting task but it really doesn’t have to be. This handy walkthrough guide of tips and tricks will allow you to measure your interior spaces correctly and confidently for your new flooring.
First things first, what you need to effectively measure for your new carpet is a tape measure, although the most obvious piece of equipment you’d be surprised on how many people try and measure with a 30cm ruler.

How to measure

When measuring your room, you want to start by measuring the longest and widest parts, taking into account any doorways and alcoves or bay windows. For example:
If your width is 3.45m and your total length is 6m
The amount of carpet you will need is: 4m x 6.6m

Important – Make sure to add 10% tolerance to each measurement, this allows for wastage, walls running out and slight human error.
Our carpets only come in either 4m or 5m widths if you have a measurement that exceeds this amount then you will have to have a join in the carpet. If this occurs, contact one of our friendly customer service members who will be happy to look at your measurements and help you where to put the join in and help with pattern matching, pile direction etc…
Please note, if you are looking for a striped carpet the stripes always run down the length of the roll.

Measuring Stairs

Tread – the part of the stair in which you stand on.
Rise – the vertical area of the stair.

Measuring stairs is a similar process:
1. Firstly, for the length you need to measure each stair by measuring both the tread and the rise and adding them together.
2. You need to multiply the length measurement by the number of stairs of the same size.
3. To measure the width, you need to take your tape measure along the width of the tread from the wall to the rail, then multiply that by the number of stairs of the same size.
4. Don’t forget to add your 10% onto both measurements to allow for any margin of error as stairs can be a little trickier.

Reminder- if your stair has a nose (overhang) this needs to be factored into your measurements.

We sell underlay by the roll, each roll will contain 15 sqm’s, to work out the sqm’s you simply times the length of your room by the width which gives you your total Sqm. You then have to order the amount of rolls to fit your room. 

Gripper Rods
Gripper rods are what hold your carpet down to the floor, the number of grippers you need depends on the size of your room. Each gripper rod is 1.52metres long, by measuring the perimeter of your room then dividing that by 1.52 will give you the number of gripper rods you need.

This is a guide only; we cannot take responsibility for any errors in your measurements. If you feel you are unsure or are not confident enough, we highly recommend seeking a professional estimator to come and measure for you. Here are some free links to help you find a professional:

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⦁ Rated People

⦁ My Builder

⦁ Trust a Trader
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