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Tartan Carpets

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At Home Flooring Store, we stock and supply a fantastic range of Tartan Carpets which have rightly earned their place in the history of many homes. Today, Tartan Carpets are as popular as they ever have been, not surprising considering Tartan is one of the most famous materials and patterns in the world.

Tartan originated back in the 16th century, where different clans used different tartans to highlight their allegiances. The first tartan products were made from wool and dyed with natural materials, in patterns which we find recognisable even today. Traditional Tartan patterns are made with horizontal and vertical lines which are known as a Sett. 

The patterns and colours of types of Tartan are available, does vary - and there‚Äôs plenty of different colour and pattern choices available to choose from above, encompassing both light and dark tartan choices. 

One of the biggest decisions that customers have to consider when choosing a Tartan Carpet is whether to choose a Wool Tartan Carpet or a synthetic Polypropylene Tartan Carpet. The two different carpet choices provide different benefits, with polypropylene carpets being the best option for busy households, especially those with pets and children. These carpets can be cleaned with chemicals to remove stains and smells, and these synthetic carpets have a softer pile which is friendly again for little ones, and comfortable underfoot. 

Wool is the other option for customers looking to buy a Tartan carpet - and wool carpets provide fantastic levels of longevity, lasting longer than synthetic carpet choices will. Wool carpets are however more expensive, and more difficult to clean. 

Choosing a Tartan carpet is a fantastic way to add a feature into any room in the home, and tartan works brilliantly with both contemporary and traditional interiors. Tartan Carpets also do not overwhelm the design of a room, and although they may seem like a strong design feature - they any style of room really well. Tartan carpets are also a very practical choice, with small marks and stains being hidden really well by the carpet. 

You can view the complete range of tartan designs above, and if you have any questions about these carpets - please do get in touch and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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